If past is prologue, let us provide the essential context for our work together.

When Return was founded in 2006, we didn’t set out to become professional consultants. We just wanted to change, well, almost everything.

We had strong opinions on the nature of work, why organizational projects were disappointing even when successfully completed, and wanted a faster pace of growth and change than is healthy for most organizations.

Our consulting practice with like-minded clients has let us realize our goals even as we’ve helped tackle long-standing systemic challenges and the ambitious agendas of our most visionary clients.

With project-centric experience across a multitude of industries, including healthcare, energy, technology (hardware and software, deployed and SaaS solutions), manufacturing, construction, publishing, non-profit, government, and consumer goods, we’ve had a hand in hundreds of change permutations for dozens of organizations.

We’ve done the research and implemented against best practices. We’ve trialed processes and concepts across companies big and small, slow-moving and rapidly changing.

More importantly, we’ve mastered engagement strategies, common frameworks, and tactical approaches that cross industries. This lets us come up to speed on your unique challenges more quickly, introduce concepts out of context more effectively, and get your organization closer to value more efficiently.

If this is the track record you look for in your consulting partners, we’re here to help.