To do something or to do nothing, both come with consequences. There are inherent risks to being in business, and changes in your business (either internally driven or externally required) increases the variability of performance.

How you manage these risks is a question of intent and effort.

  • What do you want to achieve? What is your alternative to taking action?
  • What are you willing to risk? How will you reduce the potential downside?
  • What would you expect if you succeed? What could this enable you to do next?

It’s not just about the size of the risk or the reward – it’s about managing the exchange in a way that tilts the odds of success in your favor.

Return helps clients manage their inflection points – before, during, or after. This means helping clients appreciate the opportunity or threat, evaluate alternatives, and plan courses of action that best serve our clients’ stakeholders and customers.

We have helped leaders translate their visions into agendas for change, driving the communications and work forward in partnership with client teams.

Return sometimes helps clients make their ongoing operations more stable by introducing and helping orient their teams to processes and practices that improve repeatable performance.

We have also helped implement monitoring practices that provide a clear line of sight to measures of operational health and performance, and instituted processes for diagnosis and correction when things stray.

And Return also helps when the pressures to change – good or bad – have outstripped the capacity of a client’s team, and more leverage is needed to drive strategic initiatives forward.

We can help you identify and extract the value for the risks you’ve already taken, and improve the likelihood of potential rewards for the concepts you’ve not yet put into action.